Deciding when to sell your home is a decision not to be taken lightly. Even when hiring the most trustworthy, hard-working real estate agent, there are still good and bad times to put your home on the market (or are there?). The truth is, selling your house at any time is just being able to find that one buyer who is willing and able to buy your house at that time. The market may be overflowing with homes when you list yours, but the stars can align and the right buyer can walk through the door, or you can be the only house on the market in a highly desirable area and your house can sit for months. Other than hiring a well-rounded selling agent, there are a few things to consider before listing your house.


Can You Afford to Sell Your Home?


Seems kind of backward, doesn’t it? You’re selling something, but you still have to pay for things too? Generally, yes.


While the buyer is purchasing the house from you, there are many expenses a seller takes on. The largest financial factor to consider is home equity. How long have you lived in your home and can you sell it for more than what you still owe on it?


Other expenses to factor in: REALTOR® commissions, closing costs, any sort of home repairs negotiated with the seller (such as replacing cracked siding, painting, professionally cleaning carpets, window washing, landscaping etc.), transfer taxes, possible home warranty for the buyer, and capital gains taxes if you’re making a large profit.


These are all very important pieces of the puzzle to consider when working out when to sell your home.


Research The Orlando Housing Market


When looking at the housing market in your area there are certain aspects you especially want to pay attention to, such as: how many houses are currently on the market in your area and an average number of days they have been listed. Look at comparable homes to get an idea of your competition.


Pricing your home appropriately is very important. While most agents use things called “comps”, we do things a little bit differently. We look at a lot of things to price your Orlando home competitively in the market including leveraging our 26 years of real estate experience.


Interview Real Estate Agents and Other Potential Team Members


It’s your home and you hold the reins, but a REALTOR® can really steer you in the right direction. They’re the ones who know the laws, the tricks of the trade and the secrets of the market. We suggest you interview at least two or three potential agents to make sure you are choosing the best for you. Other people to interview are professional photographers, landscapers, repairmen, painters, and home stagers.


What To Do With Your Pets


Having pets certainly isn’t a deal breaker with buyers, but having a plan of what to do with them to keep from distracting potentials buyers is going to be something you need to consider. You’ll have to take extra steps to ensure an agent doesn’t accidentally let the pet out and keep on top of cleaning up any animal droppings or traces while your home is on the market.


The real estate market is full of homes for sale right now, and working with a dedicated real estate agent will ensure you have the best success. For more information on real estate or luxury homes for sale in Orlando, contact ASA Property Advisors today.