You’ve just closed on a house you were either buying or selling. Congratulations! Truthfully, the process would not have been so smooth without the help of your amazing Orlando real estate agent. While as agents, we definitely do not expect a “thank you” or a gift, we know that grateful clients sometimes still want to show their appreciation. Here are the three best ways you can show your REALTOR® some love. They are absolutely FREE:


Refer A Friend


Sure, we love a nice new coffee mug or gift cards, but there’s no better gift than a referral. One of the only reasons REALTORS® don’t just crawl off and die somewhere after their first transaction is because we receive referrals. They are the backbone of our business and, without them, agents are often left searching high and dry for their next client.


If your agent did a stellar job and you value their services, let your friends and family know. The best time to refer your real estate agent to a friend is long before they even mention they’re looking to buy or sell a home. Letting them know throughout the transaction process and long after is the best way to keep your agent’s name and reputation fresh in their minds.


Leave a Positive Review


When a satisfied client leaves a positive review, it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving. Those positive words carry on long after the transaction has closed. You can start by going to your agent’s Zillow, Yelp, Google Business Page, or Facebook and leave a simple nice review about your experience working with us as your representative in the transaction. You can leave specific examples of how your agent went above and beyond          what other agents do, or just a brief overall example of how much you enjoyed your experience.


Actively Follow on Social Media Accounts


The Real Estate Industry is highly competitive, especially on social media where every local agent and firm is secretly battling it out for views, referrals and “likes.” If you have enjoyed your experience with your real estate agent, not only can you leave a complimentary review on their page, you can also keep up with their content. By others sharing their listings, insights, and recommendations, you’re helping grow their business.


Offer To Leave A Video Testimonial


Video testimonials can make a huge impact on a real estate agent’s reputation. Potential home buyers or sellers can be swayed to at least interview that agent if they see a genuine testimonial from a client. The best time to record your digital review would be right after closing when your adrenaline is high, and you are genuinely happy! Coordinating the video with your agent before closing would be best, to ensure the equipment is right and the lighting is optimal. However, even just a steady hand using a cell phone can capture the most real feelings and thoughts you have as a client after a transaction.


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